Easy Inflate Air Couch

PCNA # 1072-19

This portable couch can be easily inflated with no external pump required! It can be enjoyed at the beach, camping, at home, or in your favorite lounging area. Fabric dimensions are approximately 90" x 50", with final couch size varying by inflation. Loading weight 225lbs.

Additional Info

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Ordering Info

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Estimated Pricing

24 - 99$37.78
100 - 149$36.28
150 - 249$34.78
250 - 399$33.28

Please confirm prices with the supplier.

Sizes, Colors, & Availability

Part #SizeColorQuantity Available
1072-19BKNot ApplicableBlack (BK)2,230
1072-19RYLNot ApplicableRoyal (RYL)2,338

Please confirm availability with the supplier.