We're bringing PromoStandards to NetSuite.

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system that is becoming increasingly popular in the promotional products industry. We're helping distributors integrate PromoStandards into their NetSuite implementations, and helping suppliers that have implemented NetSuite provide PromoStandards-based services.

Basic Services Bundle

This bundle gives users the ability to manually perform Inventory, Order Status, Order Shipment Notification, and Invoice lookups from within NetSuite. Lookup forms are available via user dashboards.

Scheduled Services Bundle

While being able to manually perform order status, shipment notification, and invoice lookups is nice, having the system do this automatically is even better. And that's what this bundle does. Periodically, NetSuite will reach out to your suppliers to see if the statuses of any of your purchase orders have changed, if any new shipments have been made, or if any new invoices have been generated. If so, that information is automatically loaded into NetSuite and associated with the correct purchase orders. Users then have fast, easy access to that information when they are viewing purchase orders.

Product Research Tool

With this bundle, users can research products from within NetSuite. They can perform keyword searches and optionally filter the results based on a specific supplier. Detailed product information is presented, including descriptions, marketing copy, categories, related products, media, product availability, and more. This bundle is based on the same API that powers the Promo.zone product search engine.

Product Pricing and Configuration Tool

If being able to send fully configured purchase orders to suppliers is the industry's Holy Grail, then the PromoStandards Product Pricing and Configuration (PPC) service is the treasure map to it. With PPC, users configure the product that they want to order, and then use that information when sending the PO. The PPC Tool removes the complexity of the configuration process. It walks users through the options step-by-step. The end result is a correctly configured product, with pricing that is based exactly on the options that were chosen.

Purchase Order Submission Tool

Easily send blank, sample, simple, or configured purchase orders to your suppliers, directly from within NetSuite.

Coming Soon...

• Automatically send email / text notifications when order statuses have changed, or new shipments have been made.

• From within the Product Research Tool, easily add a product to your Item Master, to a Quote, to a Sales Order, or to a Purchase Order.

• Automatically create Accounts Payable invoices as new invoices are received from suppliers.

• Integrations for suppliers. Publishing PromoStandards-based services based on data in NetSuite!

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