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What is is a promotional products search engine. It provides fast and easy access to detailed information on thousands of products from some of the industry's top suppliers. Some of the information that it provides includes current pricing, realtime inventory levels, media files (photos, artwork, etc), and much more. That information was obtained from, and is maintained using, the PromoStandards-based services that several of the leading suppliers are providing.

What is PromoStandards?

PromoStandards is an initiative that is being supported by some of the leading companies in the promotional products industry. The goal is to standardize how data is communicated and reduce friction in the industry's business processes. To learn more about PromoStandards visit

How many products are included on currently includes information on 30,729 products from 24 suppliers. Here's a summary.

Aakron Line1,1261,126
Ariel Premium Supply1,6433,348
Crown Products6252,541
Debco Bag9923,217
Edwards Garment43346,574
Gold Bond World Wide7653,574
HIT Promotional Products3,97327,139
PCNA (Leed's/Bullet/Trimark)4,61027,247
Quake City Caps113671
Raining Rose55313
S&S Activewear1,71962,689
The Magnet Group2,1703,925
Vantage Apparel1805,093

What types of products are people searching for?

Visitors to are searching for a wide range of promotional products - writing instruments, drinkware, apparel, and more. To see some of the things that have recently been searched for, click here.

Can I purchase products from

No. If you are interested in purchasing a product listed on, please email us and we'll put you in touch with a distributor that can help you out.

I'm a supplier of promotional products. How can I get my products added to

Email us and we'll help you out.

Who developed was developed by Tim Dietrich, a developer that helps promotional products companies with PromoStandards. To learn more, visit

What technologies are used by was developed using PHP and a Web design and development application called RapidWeaver. The site was built on Aloe for RapidWeaver, a custom microframework that serves as a foundation on which advanced Web sites and applications can be developed with RapidWeaver. In terms of the user interface, uses Bootstrap with code generated by Foundry, a framework for RapidWeaver. The site also makes heavy use of RapidWeaver Stacks, including a number of custom stacks. is hosted using Amazon Web Services. Specifically, the site is hosted on an Amazon Lightsail server that's running Amazon Linux and nginx. The site's relational database is hosted using Amazon Aurora.

Can you help my business with PromoStandards?

Yes! Please take a look at the Services page for information.

Do you have another question about

Email us and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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