A promotional products search engine that's powered by PromoStandards.

What is PromoStandards?

PromoStandards is an initiative that is being supported by some of the leading companies in the promotional products industry. The goal is to standardize how data is communicated and reduce friction in the industry's business processes.

Promo.zone is an example of what you can do with PromoStandards.

Promo.zone is a promotional products search engine that provides quick access to more than 27,000 products and 1.2 million skus. That data was obtained from, and is maintained using, the PromoStandards-based services that several of the industry's leading suppliers are providing.

Need help with PromoStandards?

We provide several services that help distributors and suppliers put PromoStandards to work.

For distributors, the Promo.zone Distributor Dashboard makes it easy and affordable to access the data that's available via PromoStandards. That includes product information, pricing, real time availability, media, order status information, shipment information, invoices, and more.

We also provide distributors access to the Promo.zone API - the same API that powers Promo.zone. The API hides some of the complexity of PromoStandards. As a result, developers can quickly and easily integrate PromoStandards into your Web site, ERP system, applications, and more.

For suppliers, our "Easy Endpoints" service can help you quickly, easily, and affordably provide PromoStandards-based services to your customers. We also provide free testing of supplier endpoints.

We also provide NetSuite integrations, consulting, and more. Click here for more information.