I'm Tim Dietrich. I've been working with promotional products companies for more than 20 years. For the past several years, I've been helping them understand PromoStandards, create strategies for consuming and providing PromoStandards-based services, and developing applications to execute those strategies.

I originally created Promo.zone as a proof-of-concept. My goal was to create a promotional products search engine based entirely on data available from the PromoStandards-based services offered by some of the industry's top suppliers.

Today, Promo.zone is a suite of services that are designed to help promotional products companies use PromoStandards in ways that make them more efficient and more profitable. That includes services for distributors, suppliers, and their developers.

Distributor Services

I work with distributors to create solutions that seamlessly integrate PromoStandards into their systems. They're able to make use of the rich product data, media content, and pricing information that suppliers are providing to setup products in their backend and e-commerce systems. They're consuming order status, shipment notifications, and realtime inventory services to streamline their businesses and provide timely information to their customers. They're receiving and processing supplier invoices so that they can accurately invoice their customers as quickly as possible, and get paid more quickly, too.

Regardless of what type of system you're using, chances are I can help you integrate PromoStandards into it. I have experience integrating PromoStandards with NetSuite, e-commerce systems (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento), FileMaker-based systems, and more.

Supplier Services

I help suppliers develop PromoStandards-based Web services that they can provide to their distributor customers. Whether you run your business using a complex ERP system or a homegrown custom solution, I can work with you to find the best way to implement PromoStandards services.

Developer Services

I provide PromoStandards APIs that are alternatives to the XML/SOAP-based services that suppliers provide. APIs that are JSON-based, making them extremely easy to use. I also offer technical support and consulting so that developers can utilize the standards more quickly.

About Tim


Since starting my own consulting practice in 2000, I've helped promotional products companies by developing custom e-commerce solutions, accounting systems, and PromoStandards-based solutions. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's leading distributors and suppliers, including BAMKO, Geiger, Lanco, and more.

In addition to my PromoStandards work, I also develop Web solutions for the NetSuite platform, including custom portals, Web APIs, and NetSuite / PromoStandards integrations.

Prior to "going solo," I started my career working as a Web developer for one of the first online-only retail companies. I then served as a Web and database developer for an IT consulting firm, working on projects for General Electric and the Weather Channel.

To learn more about me, please visit my Web site: https://timdietrich.me

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